Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2015 O Level Physics Paper 2 Answers


Here are my answers.
We have not go through a detail check so it MAY contain mistakes.

The purpose is to let you learn from your mistakes.

Regardless whether you did well or not, KEEP FIGHTING!
Remember O level work base on a bell curve, if it is a difficult question, you will not be the only one who lose marks.
There is still paper 1 to turn it around

Many a times, when we though all hope is lost, a miracle occurs.
Remember opportunity only benefit those who are prepared.
Paper 1 is THE opportunity. Do not let it fly by.

Remember RUNNING MAN, if the game has not ended, there is always the chance of the tides turning.

(The Link is embedded in the word "Paper 1 is THE opportunity)


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