Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Winners are out! 1st YTSS CoSpace Workshop

First of all, sorry for the delay, I was on reservist since 18 Mar and had just booked out T__T

The first YTSS CoSpace workshop had concluded on 17 Mar. It was an exciting event for both the organisers and the participants. Through the event, we see how virtual robotic has brought programming and robotic closer to our students. Students and teachers alike were captivated by the CoSpace engine and the possibilities it has. Without the need to invest in costly hardware or the space for inventory, the CoSpace engine has pushed down many entry barriers keeping students from the world of robotic.

To conclude, three teams emerged victorious!

2nd runner up winning a total of $60 Kinokuniya vouchers
Anderson Team 2: Lim Yixiang, Cavan Koh Qi Yong, Tan Jun Yi and Mervyn Lim

1st runner up winning a total of $80 Kinokuniya vouchers
Anderson Team 1: Sim Meng Teck, Joseph Lee Yi Shang, Lim Si Hui and Koh Jia Ling

The Champion winning a total of $70 Popular vouchers and $60 Kinokuniya vouchers
Yishun Sec Team 3: Ong Jun An, Lee Yong Ping and Shaun Lim Yoong Hean.

Now, we have loads of photos and it is a very difficult task to filter the interesting one.
But here they are… If you want to download all of them, here is the link. 

The Serious Faces in War Preparation

Those expressions are priceless

The Winners!

2nd Runner Up

1st Runner Up

The Champion~!

The Team that Make it Happen
Good Job Guys! Let's make it better next year

Trainer Team: Mr. Jordan

Trainer Team: Mr Izz

Trainer Team: Mr Teng Hon (aka Man in Pink)

Trainer Team: Mr Wei Feng (aka Camera Ninja)

Arena Masters: Elimination Round

Arena Masters: Quarter / Semi Finals

Photography Team: Ms Shu Hui

Photography Team: Ms Deondra (aka Another photo ninja)

Photography Team: Mr Ze Sheng + a Photobombing Teacher

Junior Facilitators: 
(front row from the left) Raaj, Jared, Rahul
(back front from the left) Samuel, Woon Xuen 

Senior Facilitators:
(from the left) Isaiah, Darren

The Organising Team:
(from the left) Dixon, Ian, Phoebe

The Special Guest: Mr Ow (YTSS Vice Principal)
<of course... he is NOT the one in the blue T shirt>

And... of course, SELFIES
Here is a Formal One

And out comes the Selfie Stick!

It is somehow better than a DSR...


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